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Who we are

Agility Software Solutions is a boutique IT solutions firm based out of Sacramento, CA, and has partnerships with major hardware and software manufacturers like HP, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Cisco, Fortinet, Quantum, Microsoft, AWS to name a few. We provide IT solutions to both Government and Commercial clients with subject matter expertise in the areas of Data integration, Data storage, and Data protection. 

What we do & Company Overview

We are a trusted advisor to various customers within the Government as well as Commercial clients. We are a woman-owned small business certified by the California Department of General Services and have a CMAS contract in place with the state of California. Government clients include both Federal and SLED customers whereas the commercial clients include Retail, Banking / Financial, Insurance, Healthcare & Technology. 

So, what makes Agility Team different?


While christening the name, we were scratching our heads for quite some time as this name ought to portray who we are and what we stand for. Questions such as “How can we be unique”, “ how can we make a lasting impression “ kept bogging us and we often had sleepless nights. 


On a lucky day, one of our well-known customers simply said “ Hey, you guys are great. This was a terrific turn around “ And lo, our name was born and we came upon this thought of being agile, nimble, flexible and at the same time it hit upon us that we make a commitment towards maintaining the company's Core ethics:  "Integrity, Teamwork, Constant innovation,  Patience, Persistence, Perseverance, exceptional delivery, extraordinary customer service,". In fact, we intended to be fanatical about customer service. As Jimmy Johnson aptly said, the difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary is a little extra, so we wanted to go the extra mile and earn the little extra recognition from our customers and be extraordinary !. In this advent of the modern era where Senior IT management has to deal with situations such as crazy, weird, and fake resumes, someone else showing up instead of the actual person interviewed, this seemed to be a golden opportunity to transform and make a difference with our customers. 


Yet another customer, during one of the lunch meetings pointed out “ You can do all your sales pitch but in the end, it is all about how your team performs that would speak about your company”. So, we put all our eggs in one single basket and decided no matter what, we shall never ever compromise on the exceptional quality and a winning attitude. 


We also believe in the follow-through of our assurances and not let them go haywire as Edison noted “Vision without execution is a hallucination". 

Company History &, Year of Foundation: 2016

2016: Incorporated

2017: Became a managed service provider for major clients within Retail, Banking, Insurance & Technology domains

2019: California Multiple Award Schedule awarded

2021: Won Hardware, Software & Service contracts from a few California state agencies

CMAS Numbers: 3-21-05-1016, 3-21-05-1017, 3-21-05-1018, 3-21-05-1019

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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